My thoughts on Our Own Battles by @ashrosewrites / In your False Kingdom Anne Chivon @PeonyWings


Fed up with other people telling her story she begins to write for herself and for all of those who have had their voices silenced. A collection of poems for strong women, for sapphic women, for women who are sick of being told how to be a women. It’s time to switch up the narrative and come together to write our stories, our struggles, our successes.
Companion chapbook to “In Your False Kingdoms” by Anne Chivon.

Genre Poetry

Pages 36

Publisher Createspace

Release Date February 12th 2018

Average Rating 5.0 / 5 🌟

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Since a young age books have been an important part of this twenty-something author’s life, giving her an escape from reality whenever she needed. Ashley, born, raised in Boston and educated through the city’s public school system, she found her love for writing through her high school English teacher and volunteering in her school’s library nearly every school day for three years. Ashley is a lover of all things cosmic, compassionate, and caffeinated. Tends to think too much and say even more, but when she cannot find the words to say, she writes poetry hoping to get her message across through metaphors and cheesy love notes. Her debut poetry collection, Shattered Pieces, is a collection of poems written over the span of 8 months and will hopefully not be the last you hear from her.


A companion chapbook to Ashley Rose’s Our Own Battles

This chapbook touches on people taking, and telling, other’s stories and trauma while they also ignore the same voices. In Your False Kingdom also brings to light that not everything is always binary, including the “she” these people write about.

Genre Poetry

Pages 36

Publisher Createspace

Release Date February 13th 2018

Average Rating 5.0 / 5 🌟

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Anne Chivon thrives off of historical tv series, great fantasy and scifi books, and games. Most of her time is spent writing poetry that holds an element of cute and creepy, and stories about helpful monsters and magic wielding women. She strives to create works for and about the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as being an advocate for normalizing and destimatizing mental illness.




Our Own Battles Ashley Rose

Another poet I found through Twitter connections, and who is the author of poetry collection Shattered Pieces, as well as this chapbook Our Own Battles, which is a companion to Anne Chivon’s chapbook In your False Kingdom. Download both, for they are absolutely brilliant.

I honestly wish I could have read something like this when I was younger.

‘She’ doesn’t want

your pity or validation

she wants your respect


In your False Kingdom Anne Chivon

I love the title of this chapbook, companion to Ashley’s Rose Our Own Battles, it does tie in with the writing, particularly as you will see by the finish. This book explores the themes of ‘she’, of ‘she’ poets, and I liked the fantasy feel in using words dragons, mermaids, and magic etc.


is whoever ‘She’

desires to be


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