My thoughts on Semi Colon; by McKayla DeBonis @mckayladebonis


Genre Poetry

Pages 70

Publisher Createspace

Release Date January twelfth 2018

Average Rating 4.6 / 5 🌟

available on KU



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Split into two chapters of Darkness, and Light, Darkness writes from a place of depression, a possible eating disorder, and emotional turmoil. McKayla does not title her poems, and invites the reader to make these poems our own. They do feel general. There are a few of the poems, like Dear Me that writes,

‘i don’t see you

making it to 18

i don’t see you fulfilling your dreams,’

that really got to me. I also like that McKayla writes a graphic, as it’s happening, incident of self- harm in one of the poems, as it’s not something I find is written about in poetry, and perhaps is too taboo for some people.

Lightness is the balance to that darkness, and a getting back onto your feet,

‘but i continued to fight

just so i could have

the last laugh,’

I did feel that McKayla opened herself up to the reader, and Semi-Colon is an unguarded read. It’s honest.

Well presented, illustrated, and edited, McKayla is a poet I cannot wait to read more of.

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