4 Questions with Melissa Jennings.

Melissa Jennings

1, Tell us about you, and your writing (themes, influences etc.)

I’m an English literature student at university in Scotland. I’ve been writing poetry since 2016, but I’ve been writing creatively ever since I was in primary school. I write what I like to read. I’ve always been influenced by the supernatural and the workings of the universe, so this feeds into my writing.

2, What are some of the ways in which you promote your work, and do you find these add, or eat into, your time writing?

I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Goodreads, as well as having my own website. Social media is incredible and it still amazes me how far my work reaches across the world. All of these accounts have their varying uses; Instagram is a much more visual platform compared to Twitter, so I try to accommodate to that without losing my originality. I’m still very much trying to figure out how to navigate the social media world. Self-promotion is just as important as the writing itself, especially if you’re an indie author such as myself. I love creating new ways of connecting with readers and fellow writers online.

3, What projects are you working on at present?

I’m working on about four different projects at the moment. Underworld, Ethereal, Dead Letter #2, and a novel. My second full-length poetry collection, Underworld, is due for release in September this year. Ethereal and Dead Letter #2 will be published in 2019, and my novel is a couple of years away yet.

4, What does poetry mean to you?

I never have a fixed answer to this question. For me, poetry is more than just words. Poetry is the language of the soul and mind. I don’t believe in a soul per say, but poetry allows me to connect with people on another level that I still can’t comprehend sometimes.


In light of Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, the short poetry collection will address what happens to bodies and minds after being assaulted.

To be self-published in April 2018.

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