The Benefits of Writing on our Mental Health.

Isabelle of Fly on the Wall Poetry was kind enough to invite me to write something for her blog, so I wrote about the benefits of writing on our mental health. This all ties in with the Please Hear What I’m not Saying anthology, which I have a poem in, and Isabelle is the editor of. It’s one of my positive poems, and goes something like

‘storm clouds part

and I can see

chinks of light appearing,’

But I won’t keep you! Go to Isabelle’s blog here and read the piece, which references Harry Potter, my experiences with depression and anxiety growing up, and how writing a young adult novel got me through my teenage years.

Oh, and the anthology has been shortlisted for the best anthology in the Saboteur Awards, so votes are needed. You can go here to do so, and find out all of the details.

Thank you!


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