4 Questions with Mallory Rowe.

Mallory Rowe

1, Tell us about you, and your writing (themes, influences etc.)

Nature is my biggest influence, but metaphysical and spiritual ideas are also a huge influence “As above, So Below” is really the theme of my writing currently.

2, What are some of the ways in which you promote your work, and do you find these add, or eat into, your time writing?

I post everything I write on the major social media apps: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Vero. I have my accounts linked up so that they post everywhere at once. It’s so simple and makes writing so easy. I use Facebook ads also. I notice that they have the best results.

3, What projects are you working on at present?

Right now I’m just keeping everything I write in a few doc. files. I may combine it into one book, but it’ll be at least 2019 when that’s ready.

4, What does poetry mean to you?

Poetry is love. It’s your shoulder to cry on, punching bag to hit, or embrace when you’re lonely. It’s everything and everyone you need whenever you need it.


Haiku and senryu inspired by the Universe and its parts.

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