AWARD WINNING EDITOR Isabelle Kenyon LAUNCHES CHARITABLE POETRY PRESS. Get the details and how you can get involved.


Super excited to share editor, and poet, Isabelle Kenyon’s news that she is now launching Fly on the Wall Poetry press, where she aims to release books to fund raise for various charities. Isabelle published her first anthology a few months ago, titled Please Hear what I’m not Saying, and you can read all about it below. It’s a fantastic book of mental health themed poetry, and if you can do buy a copy, and encourage your friends to do the same! Now I am going to stop rattling on and you can read the press release, and get the details of her new project, from Isabelle Kenyon.




Isabelle Kenyon,

For immediate release

29th May 2018


Greater Manchester based poet, Isabelle Kenyon, launches Fly on the Wall Poetry Press, an independent literary press for charitable anthologies. Her first anthology was been awarded runner up at the prestigious Saboteur Awards this May, for ‘Best Anthology’. The anthology ‘Please Hear What I’m Not Saying’ consisted of the diverse voices of 116 poets from across the UK and the world and the poems were written on the subject of mental health. All profits from the book go to UK mental health charities.

Now Isabelle has launched her own poetry press to continue this charity work. The current submission call for ‘Outsiders’ will fundraise for a number of charities which help the marginalised in society.

Isabelle said, “Fly on the Wall Poetry Press has been created under the conviction that our words really do have power, and that as writers we can raise awareness of issues, and sway public opinion. Currently I am looking for poems which respond to the theme of ‘Outsiders’ in any way. I am expecting there to be a wide range of interpretations – that’s exactly what I want! If you feel passionate about something in society which makes you, or others, ‘Outsiders’, I want you to write about it.’

The submission call can be found at

To support Isabelle’s charity book release, please visit to find out more about the project, or to request an interview, please contact Isabelle directly (see email address at top of page).

Poetry Press Copy


Fly on the Wall Poetry Press:

For charitable anthologies

Submissions are now open!

June 10th – September 10th 2018

Theme: ‘Outsiders’

Guidelines: I am looking for poems which respond to this theme in any way which you see fit. I am expecting there to be a wide range of interpretations – that’s exactly what I want!

For example – you may interpret ‘outsiders’ as the homeless, the lonely elderly, sexual abuse survivors, ‘the undesirables’, the uneducated, the bullied – you name it, if you can make it fit, I want to read it.

You may like to think about a cause you would like to fundraise for as you write. This anthology will be much more fluid in that I want the charity (or charities) we raise money for, to be inspired by YOUR ideas. This means that you are in the driving seat.

If you feel passionate about something in society which makes you, or others, ‘Outsiders’, I want you to write about it.

How To Submit: Go to and follow the below!

  • You can submit an unlimited number of poems, credited where previously published. However, please do just submit once.

  • There is a £2.00 fee to submit to Fly on the Wall Poetry Press – this is so that I can give my contributors a free copy of the book only. The paypal button below will take you to pay – if you don’t have paypal please email

  • Send your poems in a word doc – one poem on each page, to with the subject as follows: ‘Your Name/Submission’. Please enclose a short biography also of your writing credits. Past experience will not sway my decision but is useful to add context to your work.

  • If your paypal email is different to the email you use to submit to me, please state this in your email.



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