#20booksofsummer tag


This challenge is courtesy of Cathy at 746 Books The 20 Books of Summer is  a reading challenge from the first of June to the third of September. It is encouraging us to make a start on those books on our towering TBR piles. Whether that be ten, fifteen, or twenty books.


I’m late to this (usual thing) but I want to try reading some books that aren’t poetry this summer, so I’m jumping aboard. Here are my twenty books.

The Unexpected joy of being Sober Catherine Gray

The Little Book of Feminist Saints Julia Pierpont

The Cruel Prince Holly Black

A Restricted View from under the Hedge

Furiously Happy Jenny Lawson 

The Waves Virgina Woolf

Reasons to Stay Alive Matt Haig

The Collected Short Stories Jean Rhys

Shockaholic Carrie Fisher

Things a Bright Girl can do Sally Nicholls

Dandy Gilver & A Spot of Toil & Trouble Catriona McPherson

The Whole a Novel John Reed

I Swear to tell the Tooth Carroll James

Tikopia Rachel Wright                               

Understanding the Alacran Jonathan LaPoma

Redeemable A memoir of Darkness and Hope Erwin James

Rabbit Patricia Williams

Mad Diet Suzanne Lockhart

A Normal Family Everyday adventures with our Autistic Son Henry Normal with Angela Pell

Under the Knife Arnold Van De Laar


What you reckon? Have you read any of these?


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