Top 5 Tuesday Meme. My Top 5 Summertime Reads.

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by The Bionic Bookworm. These are my top 5 Summertime Reads.

My first two are not what you would immediately think are summer reads, but I read them while I was travelling, so I forever associate them with summer. That’s why my copies are a little scruffy.
The Age of Reason Jean-Paul Sarte. This is one of those what on earth reads. I read it with a feeling of not sure if I should stop with this one.
The Beautiful and Damned F. Scott Fitzgerald. I go on about Fitzgerald a lot, because his writing just makes my brain pop. I absolutely cannot fault this book. It mirrors my life as well in a strange way. I was just like yep know what that’s like.
Digging Holes to Another Continent Isabelle Kenyon. This was only released this year, and I’m sure I’ll read it every summer. Isabelle wrote these poems while in New Zealand. Beaches, car trips, and family. It’s a playful, and emotional poetry chapbook.
The Existence of Pity Jeanne Zokan. This is the perfect Sunday read. It has a lot of emotional themes, with the basic premise being a family is torn apart by a secret. It’s set in an exotic location too.
Summoning Jeanne Shannon. This poetry collection is immense. It takes you through all of the seasons, really. Experimental poetry. Perfect.

So those are my summer reads. Have you read any of these? What are your favourite summer reads?

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