Guest Post. Signs in the Rearview Mirror, by Kelly Smith. @kellys_author @iReadBookTours #signsintherearviewmirror

Book Details:

Book Title: Signs in the Rearview Mirror: Leaving a Toxic Relationship Behind

Author: Kelly Smith

Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 214 pages

Genre: Self-help, Relationships

Publisher: Sunny Day Publishing

Release date: April 2018

Tour dates: June 18 to July 7, 2018

Content Rating: PG-13 (This book contains real-life violence, but also meant for young people who are old enough to date)

Book Description:

What kind of person ends up in toxic relationship? And why does she stay? This searingly honest novel answers both those questions head on. Coming-out of a failing marriage, Kelly turns to Gabe out of fear offing alone. Her gradual slide into danger is at once terrifying and inevitable, and the steps she takes to get out of it will both inspire and offer help.

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Moving On After a Toxic Relationship

We have all been there. We have all been hurt or we have hurt someone at the end of a relationship. Traditionally guys went to the bar and girl went to ice cream. A few days later change begins to set in and we repair ourselves and life somehow moves on. But after you have been in a toxic relationship for years, you don’t just walk away and move on. You question, you call, you are left confused because they don’t leave you in a traditional way. They leave after they make a mess and expect you to just accept it. They leave for someone else and rarely do they hide it. After months of trying to understand what is going on, you sometimes still can’t move on because you were abused and destroyed. Some can’t see it because it does not feel like abuse. Unless you have blood, broken bones or bruises no one can see the abuse you have endured so you are left looking crazy and that is what the toxic person wants. They want everyone to see how “crazy” you are and that they were right for walking away. If any of this sounds familiar to you, know you can get help. You are not alone nor are you crazy. It will take more time for you to get past this relationship but more importantly, you need to find out why you stayed in a toxic relationship. Once you figure this out, healing will be easier and life will move on again.

Meet the Author:

Boston born and raised, Kelly now makes her home in Austin with her three sons and one amazing Giant Schnauzer Bullseye. Kelly has written for the Huffington Post, blogs at Thoughts Becoming Words, and hosts a podcast Let’s Get Wicked Deep.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

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