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“This Is Not A Spectacle is a poignant and meditative commentary on the human existence. By way of captivating imagery and musicality, Kenyon’s words can be felt equally in the mind and in the heart.” – Ashley Jean Granillo, author of LOVE FROM THE BARRICADE

The extended version of This is not a Spectacle explores human curiosity towards strangers and investigates where curiosity becomes fascination with another’s grief or misfortune from afar.
It is an expression of anger from those who least want to be stared at and be put on display.

Praise for This is not a Spectacle, Edition 1:

“This is an incredible collection that builds powerfully in each of its pieces, as it tackles a variety of contemporary issues”

“A perfect read to cosy-up with and enjoy revisiting time and time again.”

“The visual in this chapbook was stunning.”

“Isabelle gives us such a beautiful insight into our fragile humanity, a must read for poetry lovers!”

In light of Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, the short poetry collection will address sexual assault, drawing on the author’s own experience by examining what happens to bodies and minds after being assaulted.

“One of the bravest works of poetry I’ve ever had the honour of reading.” – Shelby Eileen, author of soft in the middle.

“The Body Remembers is raw and painful. It’s not pretty because it’s real. It is honest, giving truth to something many people shove into a dark closet.” – McKayla DeBonis, author of Semicolon.

“Brings power and strength not only to themself through writing this book, but to readers who need to know they are not alone.” – Isabelle Kenyon, author of Digging Holes To Another Continent.

“Melissa Jennings delves deep into the question of what it means to belong to ourselves once we’ve experienced pain.” – Caitlin Conlon, author of Cavity.

“A timely collection that has the difficult conversations about the traumas that our society perpetuates and many refuse to admit exist.” – Flose Boursiquot, author of Loudmouth.

“Brave and liberating, these words truly leave an ache in your chest.” – Danielle Paige, author of Exit Wounds

The Body Remembers will discuss the following: anxiety, blood, childhood abuse, depression, dissociation, post-traumatic stress disorder, rape, sexual assault, stalking, suicidal ideations. This is a graphic poetry collection. Please practice self-care during and after reading this collection.

These two are currrently on sale on Amazon! They are two of my favourite poetry collections so far this year, and I promise the two poets are worth following!

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