The ink navigates // the complexities of my mind // better than I do. My thoughts on poetry collection Real like Laundry by Breanne Weber.


Title: Real like Laundry

Author: Breanne Weber

Genre: Poetry




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There is so much emotion within the pages of this book. Breanne writes with so much passion. I was swept up in her writing. Sometimes she writes about writing itself (“Poetry does something for me that all the man made chemicals they insist on pumping into my body can’t”) ; as well as touching on personal relationships (“I’m searching for my oxygen”) and mental health. Read these Words is a powerful poem, with the refrain of don’t do it. I think you can guess what the poem is referring to with that, with lines “next week when you go to the grocery store there could be an older woman losing her faith in humanity until you hold the door for her and smile,” and “you have the unique ability to see the best in people like no one else can without you imagine the souls that would be misunderstood,”
She uses the sense of smell too in some of the poems, which I loved.

It felt that Real like Laundry was an open journal, where we read the author’s rawest thoughts. It is one of those books I feel I have to buy a paperback copy of to have on my shelf. I flicked through Real like Laundry numerous times, and loved slowly kind of unwrapping the poetry. Breanne is a poet on my list of poets to look out for in the future. I can’t wait to read more of her poetry.


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