My thoughts on Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur.



Title: Milk & Honey

Author: Rupi Kaur

Genre: Poetry




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I was not sure what to think of this 2015 debut poetry collection by Rupi Kaur. I had seen a lot of her poetry quoted on social media, and have only just got a hold of her book from my local library, which still has its surprises. If you think you have read all of her best writing, there is still plenty in Milk and Honey that you won’t have already seen.
I keep flicking through the book, finding new poems. The poems are in short form, as well as prose. I can’t argue with a lot of what Kaur writes about our bodies, and loving ourselves. Poems about beauty, periods, body hair, and one of my favourites on page 201


“what terrifies me most is how we
Foam at the mouth with envy
When others succeed
But sigh in relief
When they are failing,”

The feminist subjects make this book another one I wish I had when I was a teenager, and all I wanted was a boyfriend, like everybody else, and how accepting ourselves first is important because we give so much of ourselves away. The Loving section is a good narrative of a relationship: the intimacy, the fighting, the heartbreak, and letting go.

It is interesting to read this book now because I think Kaur has inspired so many poets. I didn’t begin by reading her, I began with Amanda Lovelace, and Jennae Cecilia. The styles I think are quite similar, as well as some of the subjects they write about.
I enjoyed Milk and Honey. I couldn’t connect with all of the poems, but I appreciate Kaur’s writing, and her experiences.



  1. seaofwordsx Avatar

    I love Rupi Kaur so much 😍 Her poems are beautiful. I just bought her second book. I can’t wait to read in it

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