Links Love.

More links love!

Visual – Verse give you a visual prompt to respond to in writing each month. Submissions close on the fifteenth of the month. Elizabeth Gibson’s story Sweets on Neptune absolutely delighted me. Elizabeth has her own wonderful publication Foxglove Journal, which publishes poetry and fiction.

I also found an untitled poem early on in the week by Nichole McElhaney in Rose Quartz Journal

Starry Eyed Collective are a new publication, which aims to empower women and girls. The editor is Orlagh, from Northern Ireland. They welcome any submissions too.

Eunoia Review, a poem called Things only Broken People can Know by the brilliant poet James Diaz. His poetry always makes you feel something.

Speaking of my favourite poets, Linda M. Crate had poetry published at The Gremlin Creative and

At The Leveler, a Jessie Janeshek poem Toy Gun Commercial

And last, but not least, a blog post by Emma The Little Bookworm about what exactly goes into creating a blog post, and the hard work involved. As she says it’s a complete roller coaster!

Thank you for reading! Did you enjoy any of these links? Do you have any of your own links? Share in the comments.

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