Links Love.

The Function of Emotions by Olivia Tuck at Algebra of Owls

Distraction of Technology by Linda M. Crate at Selcouth Station

The Sonnetarium at Rhythmn & Bone

Kristin Garth at Yes poetry Stripping at 9/11

A Better Life by Hinnah Mian at The Rising Phoenix review

i first got a gun pulled on me
at age 18 because my skin
did not match the color
of the stars and stripes


Depression for Dummies by Chelsea Owens

Jenny in NeverLand Free and Effective ways to promote your blog

Support these poets on Patreon Maz Hedgehog Amanda Earl Abigail Pearson

Meme Directory at Perspective of a Writer

Author blog posts Dane Cobain On Being the Best you can be

and an honest blog post by S. J. Pajonas about why she won’t be celebrating her fifth anniversary in publishing. Her book Summer Haikus is so good. Get a copy if you can!

The Rialto is open for submissions.

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