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Poetry Files. Part 11 Signs from the old Times. From Mental Fight. By Ben Okri.


Fifty Strong Fifty poems chosen by teenagers for teenagers
Published by the South Bank Centre, London
Part 11 Signs from the old Times

From Mental Fight 

Ben Okri

What will we choose?
Will we allow ourselves to descend
Into universal chaos and darkness?
A world without hope, without wholeness
Without moorings, without light
Without possibility for mental fight,
A world breeding mass murderers
Energy vampires, serial killers
With minds spinning in anomie and amorality
With murder, rape, genocide as normality?
Or will we allow ourselves merely to drift
Into an era of more of the same, without shame,
Without wonder or excitement,
Just the same low-grade entertainment,
An era boring and predictable
‘flat, stale, weary and unprofitable’
In which we drift along
Too bored and too passive to care
About what strange realities rear
Their heads in our days and nights,
Till we awake too late to the death of our rights
Too late to do anything
Too late for thinking
About what we have allowed
To take over our lives
While we cruised along in casual flight
Mildly indifferent to storm or sunlight?





My Thoughts on Little Moments of Love a Catana Comics Collection.( @catana_comics )



Title: Little Moments of Love

Author: Catana Chetwynd 

Genre: Love &Romance / Humour 









Catana’s comics are based on her relationship with her partner John. In the introduction Catana explains, “wow, we have a weird relationship, if other people saw what we do it would be odd and embarrassing. Have you ever looked at your significant other and thought – Well, that’s what we thought too, before the comics began,”

The situations in the comics range from intimacy (wanting to touch your partner’s butt, borrowing their clothes etc.) to all the comfy parts of being in a long term relationship (choosing to stay in on a Friday night instead of going out, laying around the house in your pants etc.)
I’m sure many people will be able to relate to these comics. My favourite is the comic where he asks if she wants to finish his sandwich and she takes no time in taking the sandwich off of him. (I’m always hoovering up my partner’s leftovers!)
Little Moments of Love is a cute book, unbearably so at times (can there ever be too much cheese?)
It would make a great coffee table book, or if you’re looking for a gift for your significant other.