Bookshelf Tour PT/1


I don’t have as many young adults, or books from my childhood, as I did have, but my Harry Potter books have been with me everywhere. The spines are falling off, they are that well read. I remember being up and out of the door before the supermarket had even been opened to get my book every time a new one came out. I know it doesn’t seem a favourite among Potter readers, but my favourite book is The Order of the Phoenix.

Meg Rosoff How I live Now was a book I didn’t really understand when I was younger, and haven’t read it since, so I really should, shouldn’t I?

The Wind in the Willows is, obviously, a classic, but I do prefer the film Terry Jones made in the 90s with Steve Coogan and Eric Idle, probably because my memories are a lot stronger of the film than the book. I think once you have seen a film adaptation you can never un-see it. So you really have to be careful which ones you watch! I was so disappointed by the Harry Potter films.

The Outsiders is a book I previously didn’t like, but the book only cost me 35p in a charity shop and it was in awesome condition and it looked so good I had to have it. I read it, and I enjoyed the book a lot more on that occasion.

Cheesus was Here by J.C. Davis is a gorgeous hardback the publisher kindly sent me to review. While the whole idea of the book was great, plenty of comedy, grief and religion are the two key themes in this young adult book and they were written sensitively. It really reminded me of Hope was here by Joan Bauer.

Akea the Power of Destiny by Elizabeth Jade is a new children’s story of family and friendship. It’s a short read, but very good at packing in a lot of action and adventure.

End of year reflection and writer Pushcart Noms.


‘Tis the season for many things, including Pushcart and Best of the Net nominations. I have been very happy for my online writer friends if they have been so fortunate to have their poem nominated. But it’s also highlighted that my poetry hasn’t been nominated, and hands up if like me you suffer with impostor syndrome.

2018 has been a slog of a year. I have been sick with anxiety and depression for a decade and I have no idea who I am, and where I’m going. I have been writing this year. I have had my poems published in some wonderful zines and journals, and I actually started to write a new chapbook the other day. But.

But I still feel I haven’t achieved as much as I would like, and that’s because I haven’t put the work in. If we put it into footballing terms I would be down in a relegation position right now. It’s tough watching other writers have their poems published, have their books published, (while also championing them, because I like to be happy for people.) I’m sure a lot of writers I know have no idea where their going, but to me it looks like they do.

I mourn my lack of education too. Some discussions I just can’t join in with because I don’t have a clue what everyone is talking about. I don’t want to be thought of as an idiot! Depression and anxiety have cut short my education. Depression and anxiety have also made me incredibly isolated and afraid of people. I don’t think I’m going to win this war.

Anyway, if you’re struggling too know it’s ok to have a wobble, and you’re still a badass and you’ve got this.

Bernie Sanders Broke my Heart & I Turned into an Iceberg. Chap by @justin_karcher published by @GhostCityPress

I love Karcher’s poetry. His words remind me why I love the written word, and have the same impact on me that reading Ginsberg did as a sixteen year old. I think his poetry demonstrates all that poetry can be, and can encompass. I love his ideas, lines ‘took off their skins and started dancing with the skeletons in their closets’ ‘love isn’t trying each other’s legs together with a rope then running in opposite directions’ ‘all those nights spent strangling yourself with your daddy’s blue collar until you were blue in the face’ ‘until I’m bleeding and broken and the red skuffs on my knuckles look like tiny hearts’ It’s a dizzying chap that gripped me from page one and that inspired me. Justin has a number of books out too, so you’re spoilt for choice. Bernie Sanders Broke my Heart can be downloaded for nothing from its publisher Ghost City Press as part of the 2018 summer micro-chapbook series.