Bernie Sanders Broke my Heart & I Turned into an Iceberg. Chap by @justin_karcher published by @GhostCityPress

I love Karcher’s poetry. His words remind me why I love the written word, and have the same impact on me that reading Ginsberg did as a sixteen year old. I think his poetry demonstrates all that poetry can be, and can encompass. I love his ideas, lines ‘took off their skins and started dancing with the skeletons in their closets’ ‘love isn’t trying each other’s legs together with a rope then running in opposite directions’ ‘all those nights spent strangling yourself with your daddy’s blue collar until you were blue in the face’ ‘until I’m bleeding and broken and the red skuffs on my knuckles look like tiny hearts’ It’s a dizzying chap that gripped me from page one and that inspired me. Justin has a number of books out too, so you’re spoilt for choice. Bernie Sanders Broke my Heart can be downloaded for nothing from its publisher Ghost City Press as part of the 2018 summer micro-chapbook series.


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