The Writing Projects.



This is my pile of writing projects I am working on. I think there’s a fair few writers who have constant projects on the go. I seem to have nine, or ten. As a poet my process is to write poems, and then the task is to edit, and adapt them, to fit into a collection, or chapbook seamlessly. Therefore, I have a lot of writing projects on the go. Which does cause me to frequently Google I don’t know where to start or how do I know where to start. Because it can be overwhelming to think heck, I must finish some of these. Which one do I finish first. Which one is more important. Which one is time sensitive. And then my head spins and comes off.

Not really. I just procrastinate and get absolutely nothing accomplished.
Writing is hard. Harder still to edit it and turn into something other people will want to read, and laud. Writing is hard work. Writing is sitting for hours, and cranking out pages of material, which may or may not make the cut. You have to make those cuts. Writing despite your circumstances, despite how you might be feeling, despite any belief you may or not have in your ability. Writing is creating magic. Writing is creating something bigger than yourself. The written word is so powerful it could probably send rockets into space, and DeLorean’s into the past.
Words. Sigh.

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Poetry Book Review: If My Body Could Speak

Jeremy writes brilliant book reviews! I’ve also read If my Body could Speak and it’s as good as Jeremy’s review suggests. Jeremy has a great collection of poetry you should check out too. It’s called Welcome to the Sombre Days.

Poetry by Jeremy

I couldn’t quite put “If My Body Could Speak” down, but I couldn’t finish it in one sitting because each poem tore me apart (it was intense beauty). Baird writes about anorexia, being queer, sexual assault, misogyny, and much more. In each of these topics, she writes from a place of honesty, of hurt — it demands the reader to listen, to feel the pain she goes through.

Right off the bat, she
starts with the poem “When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny,” which had gone viral when
Baird performed it. I was struck by several stanzas, but perhaps my favourite
lines are the ending:

when I was little,
someone asked me

what I wanted to be
when I grow up

and I said,


When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny

Even when taken out of
the context of the poem, these lines…

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Top 5 Tuesday – May 2019 Topics!

Top 5 Tuesday – New topics for May!!

Bionic Book Worm

It’s my favourite month of the year….. it’s my birthday month! But, aside from that, it’s also my favourite month because the warmer weather will be here! We need to start thinking about opening the pool and preparing for summer! This year will be even more excited because we’re getting a new pool liner! It’s needed to be replaced for about 8 years now…… but….. money lol. Enough about my pool though – let’s get into the topics for Top 5 Tuesday!!!

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MAY 7th – Top 5 books I want to reread

MAY 14th – Top 5 Magical Creatures

MAY 21st – Top 5 “Unputdownable” Reads

MAY 28th – Top 5 Summer Time Reads

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Don’t see your name on the participants list? It’s probably because I didn’t get a notification! Sometimes WordPress doesn’t send them properly. Or maybe you’re using a different blogging platform. Have no fear! Just send me…

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A Spring Clean.

clothes rack
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My partner and I do not have a great deal of space in our flat, so when I decided to spend the long weekend clearing up I realised how many clothes I have. Now I do admit there are certain things I collect, that I keep because I am particularly fond of them and cannot let go of them. Like mementos from holidays, books and, as it turns out, clothes. I have clothes still that I wore when I was sixteen. I am now twenty-three. I can no longer eat the amounts of crap I did at sixteen because it becomes noticeable now (eek) I have clothes I brought because I liked them, and there was not my size available, but I thought I’ll buy a smaller size, and try to lose weight. I have had a massive head’s gone in the last few months in that why on earth am I buying clothes that do not fit, will never fit, and do not make me feel good? Why? I don’t know. I’m simply collecting clothes, for NO REASON. No wonder I have no space! Madness is truly doing the same thing over and getting the same result.

Do you know the best sites I can sell clothes on? Or have any other ideas of where I can get rid of some of my clothes?

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Book Review. A Picture of Murder by T. E. Kinsey

  • A Picture of Murder by T. E. Kinsey

  • (Amazon Imprint) Thomas & Mercer

  • 1542046025 / 978 – 1542046022

  • Available on KU / print £4.99 / Free with Amazon Audible trial


(P.S This review is completely contradictory, just so you know.

P.P.S. I received an ARC of this title from the publisher via Netgalley)


I was excited about starting A Picture of Murder. I liked the front cover and the description of the book, but unfortunately the story plodded along. It was seventy odd pages before the first murder happened, padded out with what I felt was an unnecessary amount of dialogue and stereotypical characters. The characters fell flat. I felt mildly compelled to finish A Picture of Murder, because I had no idea who was killing these actors, and the setting of the story, the period of time, the advent of moving pictures, and the ending did intrigue me. I also liked the character of Lady Hardcastle’s maid Florence. I feel I might have to read other books in this series to learn more about this sleuthing duo, and how their relationship has evolved, because I wasn’t very convinced by Lady Hardcastle.

Have you read A Picture of Murder, or any of the other Lady Hardcastle’s mysteries by T. E. Kinsey?

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