How it all began.

I was looking for a picture to pair with this poem, and it begs the question. What does poetry look like? I imagine it might be something different for all us. What kind of visuals do you associate with poetry?

Yes, for me it is the dirty great London underground. Travel, movement, big cities, and people.

my love of poetry began
as i turned sixteen
in the bathroom at college
this idea
into threads of lines
a poem?
i hate poetry

i thought that then

yet i pursued poetry
as a detective would a lead
whilst growing into my own skin
reading pages of other poets
through poetry i discovered my identity
and made friends too
experimenting with styles, and topics
what i liked, what others enjoyed
feeling the power of my punctuated thoughts
punching through people’s perspective
of who i was

now do you see
i am a poet –
writing is my superpower.


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