A Spring Clean.

clothes rack
Photo by Daian Gan on Pexels.com

My partner and I do not have a great deal of space in our flat, so when I decided to spend the long weekend clearing up I realised how many clothes I have. Now I do admit there are certain things I collect, that I keep because I am particularly fond of them and cannot let go of them. Like mementos from holidays, books and, as it turns out, clothes. I have clothes still that I wore when I was sixteen. I am now twenty-three. I can no longer eat the amounts of crap I did at sixteen because it becomes noticeable now (eek) I have clothes I brought because I liked them, and there was not my size available, but I thought I’ll buy a smaller size, and try to lose weight. I have had a massive head’s gone in the last few months in that why on earth am I buying clothes that do not fit, will never fit, and do not make me feel good? Why? I don’t know. I’m simply collecting clothes, for NO REASON. No wonder I have no space! Madness is truly doing the same thing over and getting the same result.

Do you know the best sites I can sell clothes on? Or have any other ideas of where I can get rid of some of my clothes?

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