Top 5 Tuesday – May 2019 Topics!

Top 5 Tuesday – New topics for May!!

Bionic Book Worm

It’s my favourite month of the year….. it’s my birthday month! But, aside from that, it’s also my favourite month because the warmer weather will be here! We need to start thinking about opening the pool and preparing for summer! This year will be even more excited because we’re getting a new pool liner! It’s needed to be replaced for about 8 years now…… but….. money lol. Enough about my pool though – let’s get into the topics for Top 5 Tuesday!!!

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MAY 7th – Top 5 books I want to reread

MAY 14th – Top 5 Magical Creatures

MAY 21st – Top 5 “Unputdownable” Reads

MAY 28th – Top 5 Summer Time Reads

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Don’t see your name on the participants list? It’s probably because I didn’t get a notification! Sometimes WordPress doesn’t send them properly. Or maybe you’re using a different blogging platform. Have no fear! Just send me…

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