I just want to be at home in my own skin. A poem.

I just want to be at home in my own skin

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

So unhappy with yourself //
you spend your time picking at me with your mouth //
sighs that indicate to me //
you are dissatisfied //
with the clothes i wear //
the noise i make in stacking baking tins //
the objects i keep //
sentimental value you do not appreciate //

even with all my sensitivities //

i know this is not my fault //

i feel caged in your criticism //
but i am not wearing short skirts and lipstick for you //
or asking for your approval anymore //
i am doing them for me //


I shared my poem Why Would I Want to Follow the Lives of Famous People? with you on this blog last week and the response was good, so here is another poem from the yet to be finished, or yet to be titled, writing project I am working on. A memoir based on my health experiences with depression and anxiety.

Want more poetry? Try Here comes the Sun


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