Join me in creating poetry!

I have been blogging for a few years now. Blogging is an extension of my poetry.
Why do I share my thoughts and feelings and experiences in my poetry and through my blog posts?
Because I want to be heard. I want to believe in the strength of my voice. I want to connect.
I feel poetry can be a hand held out to help somebody else up.
I have depression and anxiety. It’s been some long years with these demons; understanding them, managing them, getting help for them.
Having depression and anxiety, wanting to connect is important. Connection is vital. It makes you feel supported and a part of something. It makes you want to be alive. It gives you hope.
Depression and anxiety might have coloured my past, but they will not rule over my present, or determine my future. I am fighting.
When I write I am fighting.
I am fighting feeling like an imposter, the stigma, the voice that says nobody cares about what you have to say, the labels.

I am becoming the person depression and anxiety tried to derail.

Your support would mean everything. I will be posting a poem here two or three times a week. I am working on several different books, so subjects will vary from mental health to travel and lifestyle. I will post poems from my current works in progress too.




My first poem is up on Patreon called That Tune.

‘when i am done with anxiety (or does anxiety tell me when we are done?) i hope i feel something..,’



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