Writing book reviews when depressed

Book Bloggers, we read a book, and we write a review for that book. Perhaps. We blog about the book. We might share that we have read the book on social media. You think writing glowing, or otherwise, words about a book needn’t be so hard. The blogging part can take the best part of an hour, but it’s fun, right, talking about books. Of course, unless that is you have become paralyzed with fear, indecision, and doom. Writing reviews for books you have read is hard when you have depression. Depression can occur at any particular moment, especially if you haven’t been taking care of yourself. The depression has nothing to do with blogging (burnout) but time of year, month, circumstances etc. 

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No Fee LIST of Submission Calls

I don’t know about you, but I am aiming to get more of my writing published this year. This blog is a (short!) list of literary journals/publications that are accepting writing & art at the moment. Don’t forget to read the guidelines on their website, they can vary from publication to publication!

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2019 reflection & 2020 changes 

2019 reflection & 2020 changes 


january scrabble
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I aim to have a more consistent blogging schedule this month (this year … maybe) I stopped reading much of anything in the middle part of 2019, so didn’t have a-lot to share on this blog. I convinced myself no-one would want to read my thoughts or poetry for the most part of 2019. Self-doubt really kicked me into a corner.

I realise now not writing or reading or interacting with this community on social media and being present is a way in which I isolate myself. I stop being in love with the written word and interacting with people. Then my depression and anxiety kick me into a corner too.

That said I did start some therapy in 2019, got outside more, ever so slightly changed the way I think about myself and had a successful trip abroad.