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Hi. I hope you’re OK. A few bits and pieces I would like to share with you. First of all, Ghost City Press every summer - since 2016? have published a series of chapbooks by a variety of writers that are completely free, with the option to donate however much you like to the author, … Continue reading I have NEWS

My thoughts on I Hope My Voice Doesn’t Skip by Alicia Cook.

Split into 2 chapters – the EP & the LP, Alicia Cook takes us through a landscape of joy, pain and triumph in I Hope my Voice Doesn’t Skip. The subjects were varied – from family and home, to nostalgia, love and world events. There were poems with grief as a subject, which made me … Continue reading My thoughts on I Hope My Voice Doesn’t Skip by Alicia Cook.

Today poetry collection House of Weeds is released ‘Weeds and humans overlap in this prickly-sweet fusion of poetry and illustration, painting tales of society’s outsiders’ Here is an interview with its author Amy Charlotte Kean.

Today is release day for House of Weeds, written by Amy Charlotte Kean and illustrated by Jack Wallington. Here is an interview with Amy.

Reading When the World is Not Thriving

A very useful, well written post by Brooke

So, we are all well aware by now that the world is not doing too well. Things aren’t great to say the least. We are living in an anxiety fuelled time, which doesn’t make creativity or concentrating particularly easy. Lots of people have been expressing their struggles with reading over the past few weeks, and I really relate. Studying English Literature as my degree means I couldn’t afford to stop reading completely, so I have had to come up with strategies to keep myself absorbing the words. Today, I want to share some of these tips in the hopes that maybe it will help a few people get reading again!

  • Be patient and forgiving with yourself. It is perfectly understandable that your IMG_5795brain is going ‘no thanks boo’ when presented with a book; it is too busy trying to process everything changing around us. Give yourself a little internal hug…

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My Thoughts on Two Non-Fiction reads

Dry by Augustin Burroughs Published by Atlantic Books 4/5 I think I prefer that second cover. Dry is the story of Augustin, of his drinking which isn’t a problem, of entering rehab at the request of his employers, and then navigating life on the outside: sober. I highlighted this part - when Augustin began to … Continue reading My Thoughts on Two Non-Fiction reads