Reading When the World is Not Thriving

A very useful, well written post by Brooke

So, we are all well aware by now that the world is not doing too well. Things aren’t great to say the least. We are living in an anxiety fuelled time, which doesn’t make creativity or concentrating particularly easy. Lots of people have been expressing their struggles with reading over the past few weeks, and I really relate. Studying English Literature as my degree means I couldn’t afford to stop reading completely, so I have had to come up with strategies to keep myself absorbing the words. Today, I want to share some of these tips in the hopes that maybe it will help a few people get reading again!

  • Be patient and forgiving with yourself. It is perfectly understandable that your IMG_5795brain is going ‘no thanks boo’ when presented with a book; it is too busy trying to process everything changing around us. Give yourself a little internal hug…

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