In These Nights We Heal Just a Little Bit By Lauren Elizabeth Taylor

The Rising Phoenix Review

In These Nights We Heal Just a Little Bit

as we stare into each other’s eyes, sunlight morphs
into moonlight, into another night of gentle touches

on soft skin and releasing secrets into an air only
we breathe. our bodies, barely clothed, fit together

like we were made to be one, like all of the gods
conspired to conceive this connection between

two mere mortals, who may never have met
had sadness settled in our bones and never shifted

but here we are,

lying in warm arms, fingertips tracing old scars,
discussing our past—the last place we want to be

too open, too soon, but it feels so natural,
going against the defences we built before,

before us. before nights that last decades and
glances worth a million stars

our humour, a unique antiphony unfamiliar to others
our conversations, not even sleep can interrupt

we smile in awe at how…

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