Travelling with Anxiety

Do you ever do something and think afterwards how the fuck did I do that? IF ONLY IT COULD BE BOTTLED, THAT COURAGE. I am talking about traveling with anxiety. I have suffered with anxiety my whole life. It has limited my life to the extent I don’t go out, and if I do it’s … Continue reading Travelling with Anxiety

4 Questions with James F. Miller

1, Tell us about you, and your writing (themes, influences etc.) I am an outdoorsman, survivalist, recovered addict, musician, father, and so much more. I began writing in elementary school as song lyrics. This changed to poetry around middle school. I have been in and out of multiple colleges with various majors since the late … Continue reading 4 Questions with James F. Miller

Book Review The Woman with an Owl Tattoo by Anne Walsh Donnelly.

This life-affirming poetry collection reflects on the author's growth since the ending of her marriage and what it means to unearth one's true sexual orientation, in mid-life. Anne Walsh Donnelly's intimate exploration of sexuality and identity is both brave and touching, marking this debut collection as a trium