Doctor Who & An Unearthly Child. Book Review.

The first publication of the very first Doctor Who story. A strange girl who knows far more than she should about the past and the future… Two worried teachers whose curiosity leads them to a deserted junk yard, an extraordinary police box and a mysterious traveller known as the Doctor.

I know this story very well by now, having read and watched the story a few times. It is strange to think this is THE FIRST Who story, and how little has changed. The fact the core elements of Who have carried this show through half a century is remarkable and testament to the people who did the work to keep it going.

Of course, The Unearthly Child is by no means perfect and is probably a classic for me because it is The First. They were initially going for an educational show, so we have cavemen. It’s a fairly solid story.

I liked that 1963 pastoral care in schools involved 2 teachers gossiping about a pupil and then going to her home and waiting for her to arrive. Stalking, yeah. Another thing that I have not considered before is Susan is the Doctor’s granddaughter, so where are her parents and presumably his child? I wonder if they went for grandfather, instead of parent, because that was more kid friendly. Who knows?

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