Book review. Growing Pains by Isabelle Kenyon.

In Growing Pains, Isabelle Kenyon navigates the grey space between child and adult. From the playground wars with worms, to the value of a woman s body as she learns to take up her own space, this collection values kindness in what appears to be an increasingly cruel society.

I liked how Isabelle Kenyon used punctuation in her poems, like every word is carefully placed and the punctuation dictates our perception of the words and their meaning, as well as the impact the poem has on us. That aside, the subjects of the poems are something we can all probably relate to. Grief, and morning commutes, being two examples of that. The poems on a woman’s body and the value that is placed upon it, were interesting perspectives. Something I would have liked to have been explored more. 

Growing Pains is a good read, and I enjoyed it as much I did Isabelle’s other books. Hopefully there will be a full-length poetry collection coming soon, because I always find myself wanting to read more.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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