Be Wild, Be Free by Amber Fossey

I rarely buy books new. if I do, then I am throwing all caution to the wind. Especially hardbacks. I had to make an exception for this book. I don’t know if you follow Amber Fossey on Instagram @zeppelinmoon but her drawings and art and poetry do not fail to put a smile on my face. The beasts that Amber includes in this book are a range of sloths, manatees, blobfishes and my favourite, emu. I liked how the creatures swear. The swearing I think gives great comic effect to the writing. Be Wild, Be Free is an uplifting read. The words are about celebrating who we are and accepting ourselves. It’s told in a fun, sometimes silly way, and with animals. There’s lots of colour in the book too, which is useful if you’re reading the book and feeling flat that day.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In Amber Fossey’s (AKA @Zeppelinmoon) beautiful first book, we are each reminded to listen, to look, to feel, and to remember what it is that makes us human.

This beautiful illustrated guide to life tells the reader how to become wild and free again, through a mash-up of poetry, fables, comic fiction and whimsical watercolour illustrations. Using the characters of sloth, bear, manatee, blob fish, and many more, we are shown that we no longer need to surrender to negative thoughts nor those who drag us down, and are prompted to ponder the beauty all around, reminding us how to simply love one another, and ourselves, again.

Do you ever hear the beasts scratching at the door? They want to be let out, to be wild & free!
They were sleeping too long, and now they’re getting feisty. Don’t be afraid, they’re pretty lovely inside, and never did i see a more lovely beast than you…

So come inside. You might be surprised, to remember how to feel alive!
With a heart to feel, a mind to learn & hands to build extraordinary things.
Go forth, fiercely, bravely.

A former NHS doctor and forensic psychiatrist, Amber’s work with severely mentally ill patients in hospitals, prisons and the community inspired her to write messages of finding hope amidst adversity in Be Wild Be Free. She encourages us to have compassion for those that society rejects, mistreats and ignores and for those suffering mental anguish. We are prompted to ponder the beauty all around, reminding us how to simply love one another, and ourselves, again.

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