The Space Museum, written by Glynn Jones. Book Review.

Ah, another Who story which started so well and then flopped. The scene of this story was set so well. I loved the idea of a Space Museum. I loved that there was a Dalek there too. I loved the idea of Ian, The Doctor, Barbara and Viki being invisible because they hadn’t arrived yet. And then we were introduced to a very unconvincing villain, who is bored and that’s never good, and slaves who are planning a revolution to reclaim their planet. Vicki comes along and urges the slaves to start this revolution they want so badly. In contrast to the TV version of this story, I do prefer the book adaptation. I’m indifferent really to the TV story. I might actually write some fan fiction of a better way to continue the first episode of TSM, because that was so intriguing. They hadn’t arrived yet.

An unabridged reading of this novelisation of a classic 1965 TV serial featuring the First Doctor, as played on TV by William Hartnell. The TARDIS materialises on what, at first sight, appears to be a dry and lifeless planet serving only as a graveyard for spaceships. The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki discover a magnificent museum housing relics from every corner of the galaxy. These have been assembled by the Moroks, a race of cruel conquerors who have invaded the planet Xeros and enslaved its inhabitants. Upon further exploration the TARDIS crew seem to stumble upon the impossible: for suddenly, facing them in an exhibit case, they find…themselves! 

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