Book Review. Don’t Tell Me To Be Quiet by Christina Hart.

Your attempts at happy are half-assed and that works for you because you don’t think happy is meant for you anyway, do you?

Don’t Tell Me To Be Quiet Christina Hart

Don’t Tell Me to be Quiet asks of the reader Did you question what you ever did to deserve this? But you know you have to keep going, don’t you? Do you wonder what made you hard to love? Do you know you are worth more than the answers you may never get? and more.

But this isn’t a quiz and there are no answers, it’s enough to reflect on the metaphorical questions whichever of those might apply to you personally and take something from them.  

I found this collection heartening and stirring.

Usually you swing and miss but hope has a shiner on its right eye from the last time you socked it

Don’t Tell Me To Be Quiet Christina Hart

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