went to the cemetery -
hoping to dig my own grave - 
look at all these people 
buried away 
next to the flowerbeds /

that sudden blinding light from being forced into the dark 
blinking us into existence /

books should not be this quiet 
they should be crying from the shelves -
life should not be passed -
should be encountered /

mum of a girl i once knew 
comes inside of the library, to browse
i think you wouldn’t recognise me now 
nobody ever does - 
i haven’t changed /

Kate © 

full poem can be read on my Patreon

Allen Ginsberg was one of my first poetry influences. I bought a book of his poems in HMV when I was 16. Before, when I was a child, I remember reading fat anthologies of rhyming poems for children, with well-thumbed pages, that I would borrow from my public library. I can picture that library now, they knocked it down and replaced it a few years ago. These books were on the bottom shelf, and I can feel the scratchy carpet underneath my fingers, as I had to use both hands to pull a book out, as they were so tightly packed in. From reading those anthologies I thought poetry was fun and had to rhyme. Cue then going into secondary school and having to analyse poems, which was not so much fun. Allen Ginsberg, however, was a revelation. His poetry was written in the way I thought. That book of his poems went everywhere with me and I read it frequently. I think you can see his influence in this poem.

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