Book Review. The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson.

‘It’s the church of Graham! That’s mad!’ 
‘He’s a good egg!’
‘But still … he’s not a god. He’s a retired bus driver!’ 
‘This is … an unexpected side effect of our last trip.’ 

Juno Dawson must be a Doctor Who fan because there were a couple of references in The Good Doctor that felt that they were from other Who adventures. Are the Loba from the same race as Karvanista from recent Who series Flux? Has Chibnall been taking notes?

The Doctor perched on a footstool. ‘Oh, Graham,’ she sighed. ‘I’m not liking what I’m seeing here. Are you?’ 
Graham shook his head. ‘It’s … it’s mad! We was only here for a few hours and now we’re a whole religion or something!’
‘And not a very pleasant one if you’re a woman or loba.’ 

The Doctor in The Good Doctor is dealing with the consequences of their actions, on the same day but thousands of years into the future. Graham becomes a God and Ryan and Yaz angels. It set up some amusing moments. I can understand why Graham struggled to convince in his role as a god. That reversal of roles from the Doctor taking charge, she isn’t taken seriously as a woman in The Good Doctor and when the monks are told that it is the Doctor who is The Good Doctor and not Graham, it results in some disbelief. I enjoyed, like in Molten Heart, that Ryan and the Doctor initially leave the TARDIS together to retrieve Ryan’s phone, that he had dropped. Ryan and the Doctor make a great team. Yaz gets to crawl through filthy sewers, with the rebels, who are the opposing side to who Graham, the Doctor and Ryan are with.

The story was ok, the characters were great and the writing itself was excellent in The Good Doctor.

Also this passage here is so sweet. ‘It was time for them to go. It was almost time for Pointless. Whatever the Doctor said about time travel, in Graham’s world, five-fifteen was Pointless, six sharp was dinner, and that wasn’t going anywhere. That’s how it was when Grace was alive and keeping their little routines alive felt only correct.’ You mean, doesn’t matter where they are on their travels, they have to be back at 5 for Pointless and dinner? Who does the cooking and who does the washing up?

Yaz pulled the Doctor back. ‘Doctor,’ she said, low so that Jaya and Tempika wouldn’t hear. ‘This isn’t our fault.’

‘Isn’t it?’ 

‘No!’ Yaz shook her head. ‘We didn’t tell them to start a bonkers religion based on a day trip we once made, did we? We didn’t arm a whole bunch of insurgents and monks!

The Doctor sighed a deep sigh and perched on a damp boulder. Some natural light filtered through the rocks and everything glowed a beautiful blueish-silver. ‘Oh Yasmin, you are as kind of heart as you are tiny of hand.’

Yaz couldn’t not laugh. ‘Thanks! I think.’

‘I sometimes think I should superglue a rear-view mirror on top of the TARDIS. I spend so much time running forwards, I sometimes forget to look back.’ Yazmin sat right next to her, their thighs pressed together. The Doctor went on. ‘My people, the Time Lords, had a Book of Truths of their very own and the first rule was that we’re not meant to get involved. We’re supposed to be silent little ghosties, never leaving any footprints.’

Yaz gave her knee a nudge. 

‘And you know what? I pretty much tore up the rulebook when I was your age.’ 

Yaz smiled. ‘Why doesn’t that surprise me?’

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