Book Review. Autonomy by Daniel Blythe.

We have seen the Autons utilise phone lines, bins and … troll dolls. In Autonomy we have fashion suffocating the wearer. The Autons are one of my favourite Who monsters. Their TV show stories Spearhead from Space and Terror of the Autons are two of my favourite ever Who stories. I think Terror slightly ranks higher over Spearhead because it has the Master and some spectacular CSO. The other TV show story Rose is another Who story I have a soft spot for because it has one of my favourite actors in it, Christopher Eccleston and Rose pointing out about the breast implants.

Autonomy is set in an all-purpose shopping Centre Hyperville, there are theme park rides so we thumb through different settings and these include malfunctioning killer automatons. Thankfully we do have these different settings because the shopping centre itself can be in moments a dull setting. Auton facsimiles have been given false memories and are living amongst humans, which was one of the more interesting ideas in Autonomy. Daniel Blythe picks out in Autonomy the child dummies to feature and they made me think of the Toy Story dolls. Dark and creepy. The secondary characters the Doctor has for companions, Reece, Chantelle and Kate are OK, but not very memorable. The middle part of the story did stretch on for too long and the Doctor seems to be swamped by events. He seems almost muted. I liked what the writer did with the Autons in Autonomy, and they were terrifying, but the characters and the overall story was disappointing.

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