Book Review. The Taking of Chelsea 426 by David Llewellyn.

Around the ragged rock the ragged Rutan ran ‘they’re a very alliterative race’

What I loved about this story was the setting of the hotel, owned by Mr and Mrs Carstairs, who have two children Jake and Vienna. I could imagine the hotel and it felt like a concrete setting for a story. When the story steps outside of the hotel and onto the streets of the Colony it sits on, I struggled. I liked the idea of a Flower Show, which of course interests the Doctor, but when the Sontarans come into the story, the show faded into the background. The Sontarans start to round up the guests who have travelled to see the show and the people who live on the Colony, so they can weed out their enemy – The Rutans. The Rutans are the people behind the Flower Show. I thought newlyweds Zack and Jenny, as two of the people being rounded up, were introduced purely to become emotionally invested in them and then have my heart ripped out when they are killed off. Thankfully Zack and Jenny stay alive. I liked the detail that went into Jake’s character. I don’t know how old Jake was (so maybe not too much detail) but the Doctor not allowing Jake to go with him in the end, I don’t think his parents would have let that happen anyway. I also loved the character of the Major, a hotel guest.

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