Book Review. The Krillitane Storm by Christopher Cooper.

Before there was time to bolt the door, a Krillitane forced its head through, trying to push it open, but the monster hadn’t counted on Gertrude and her candlestick.

‘He squeezed through the tiny gap, grateful that this particular crisis had happened during his tenth life. Heaven help them all if it had been his sixth. He still couldn’t look at a carrot-based diet drink without feeling queasy.’ For this passage alone, The Krillitane Storm is a winner. Also this ‘I couldn’t give a Pescaton’s scaly fin.’

The Krillitane Storm was a very good read, the Krillitane become the hunted and are being used. The second half of The Krillitane Storm is great, it makes the first half seem tame in comparison. Emily and Darke are brilliant characters.

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