Book Review. Code of the Krillitanes by Justin Richards

There is a domestic start to COTK, with the Doctor buying crisps in a shop and observing a group of boys playing football on an estate in London. He talks to one of the boy’s mums about the TARDIS. Both mum and the boys have an understanding of subjects far beyond what is usual, and so the rehash of School Reunion begins. It isn’t chips, it is the new ‘brainy’ crisps that are making people clever. Back in the TARDIS, with 137 bags of those crisps, the Doctor realises the crisps are soaked in Krillitane oil and so what is left for the Doctor to do – find out the who and why. Temporary companion is Henry. That’s Henry the IT guy, human, and not Henry the Hoover … which I wouldn’t put past the Doctor, to recruit a hoover to help him defeat the Krillitanes.

‘Is it asleep?’ Henry asked in a hushed whisper. The creature opened its eyes. ‘No.’ it said.

The Doctor stops a shareholder v Krillitane bloodbath in a function/meeting room, Henry learns that he has been used and believes he is stupid, but no one is more so than Gabby, the Krillitane who falls for the look behind you trick. The ending is a little bizarre and the Doctor has time for a crass joke before leaving in his TARDIS. Not before telling Henry, no – he isn’t looking for someone to travel with him yet, because the solo Doctor stories have to have this exchange in every story. We get it.

The Doctor found himself a chair between two men in smart suits. ‘This is cosy,’ he said to them. ‘Do we get biscuits? Custard creams are the best. Or those ones that look like they’ve got squashed flies stuck in them.’

Neither of the men said anything, so the Doctor held out his hand to one of them. ‘Garibaldi,’ he remembered the squashed fly biscuits were called.

The man shook his hand. ‘Edward Howell. Pleased to meet you, Gary.’

It took the Doctor a moment to work it out. Then he laughed. ‘oh, sorry. No – I’m not Gary.’

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