Book Review. The Forgotten Son by Andy Frankham-Allen.

The Forgotten Son is very much a story that gives us more background information on the Brig, the best part being his childhood nickname – Ali. Can’t imagine the Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart being an Ali, can you?

I liked that the overriding theme of The Forgotten Son is family, and, in particular – brothers. The Brigadier discovers he has a brother, his memories are hazy at the start of this book. Whilst there is a parallel story of twins Owain and Lewis coming of age. How these two young men tie in with the Brigadier we gradually find out.

The start of The Forgotten Son is rooted to the aftermath of what happened in the Underground, with the Doctor and the Yeti. We have a traveling corpse of a dead soldier and a map being plotted by the Military, headed by the Brigadier, with disasters, like car crashes, left behind as clues. Then we have the Brigadier, a Mary Gore – who is being taken to her dead husband Gordon by a stranger and it turns out Mary is the Brigadier’s mum. She goes missing. Owain is with a young boy, Gordon, in a haunted house. All of this culminates in a village of the Brigadier’s childhood, where the Yeti intelligence soon gather and hem in the locals.

There is a lot happening in The Forgotten Son. The story has some very familiar elements to it, with the setting and the characters, which makes it enjoyable – if not anything new.

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