Doctor Who Star Tales Who-Dini? by Steve Cole, The Pythagoras Problem by Trevor Baxendale and Mission of the KaaDok by Mike Tucker.

Who-Dini? by Steve Cole

Who-Dini? I was not very engaged by. I know very little about Houdini and have little interest in finding out any more.

The Pythagoras Problem by Trevor Baxendale

Similar to Who-Dini? Pythagoras does not interest me a great amount because he was a mathematician, right? And I do not understand numbers. Unlike letters, you move numbers around and they still don’t make any sense. At least with letters, you move them around and they create more words. Magic!

I can sum up The Pythagoras Problem with this quote.

‘Graham and Ryan were both looking a little lost. ’Sorry Doc,’ said Graham, making a whooshing sound and passing a hand right over his head.’

The Pythagoras Problem Trevor Baxendale

Mission of the KaaDok by Mike Tucker

I have found in the past Mike Tucker is a reliable Doctor Who story writer and so it is, that the Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz have landed in a mid-twentieth-century prop store of a major film studio. We discover that Graham is an Audrey Hepburn fan, of course he is, and the Doctor has bought him to where Breakfast at Tiffany’s is being filmed. Where we also find PhiLit, part of the (exploited) alien race the KaaDok – who collect the brainwave patterns of celebrities to enable them to make copies, called wax-bots. The only problem is in Mission of the KaaDok a number of these wax-bots escape. There’s a neat twist in the story. It’s good fun.

‘Hey, now hang on a minute, Doc.’ Graham sounded concerned. ‘You can’t just go whizzing off into space with Audrey Hepburn!’ ‘Why not?’ said the Doctor and Audrey simultaneously. ‘Because she’s meant to be making Breakfast at Tiffany’s!’ spluttered Graham.

Mission of the KaaDok Mike Tucker

Overall Review

I thought Star Tales would be gimmicky, and the stories were better than I had expected them to be, although Chasing the Dawn by Jenny T. Colgan set it off on a rocky start. With the names of the writers who have contributed to Star Tales, I shouldn’t have been worried, and it is always fun to whizz around space with the Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz. I loved how these stories felt like callbacks to previous Who, with the appearance of other Doctors.

Between them, the Doctor and Yaz carried the tea chest to the top of the exterior staircases. Someone with a shock of curly brown hair was making his way up. ‘Down the other side!’ hissed the Doctor urgently. ‘Ah!’ they heard a booming voice say as the figure reached the top. ‘Good, I’m glad there’s someone here. I heard there’s been some unusual goings-on…’

Einstein and the Doctor Jo Cotterill

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