Book Review. The Day of the Doctor by Steven Moffat.

You know, I could not say that I particularly have a dislike for a Doctor Who story. I have issues with some of them and others I certainly would not be in a hurry to repeat watching or listening or reading them, but The Day of the Doctor has proved to have something about it that I struggle with. I have seen maybe 25 minutes of the TV story, and I have now read the book. It felt long winded. The format, where the chapters are out of order, does not help it run smoothly. I have seen a total of 3 complete Matt Smith Doctor Who episodes? In the time Matt Smith joined the show, I had disengaged and moved on. I don’t know if that’s why I feel indifferent to his character. Haven’t seen enough of him. Yet.

Here, he’s with Clara and UNIT and Kate. One question I have is why are UNIT in The Tower of London? The Zygons appear in The Day of the Doctor and they start to emerge from paintings? And copying people’s bodies? I have seen no Zygon stories, and I had no idea what was happening here. They felt like a torn off piece of paper, a rough idea. They were a part of this story, but this was overshadowed by the other part of the story, which is the War Doctor, who’s on Gallifrey during the time war and in a barn, with an interface which has taken the shape of Rose Tyler. He’s insisting he isn’t the Doctor too. He has an enormous decision to make, on ending this war. The Eighth Doctor, in the beginning of the book, makes an appearance. Why couldn’t he have been the War Doctor?

And then we have the tenth Doctor, rabbits, and Queen Elizabeth.

I didn’t mind too much when the tenth and eleventh Doctor met, because that can be amusing, even if the squabbling did become tedious. The War Doctor I could well imagine being played by John Hurt and that made his parts of the story more engaging.

The Day of the Doctor was fine, I enjoyed parts of it, but there was a lot of it that also felt average.

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