Book Review. You on Target Edited by Christopher Bryant.

You on Target was a large book to digest and not one that is easily read in one sitting (I tried). You on Target is perfect for dipping in and out of. These are individual stories from a variety of people on the range of Target Doctor Who Adventures books. Memories of childhoods that span countries. Recounting the collecting of the books by scraping together pocket money or begging mum for an advance, purchasing them in jumble sales, at car boots, second hand bookshops and the back streets of St Ives. Encompassing friendships and respective nostalgia, growing up and part time jobs and education but never forgetting that one particular Target book, and the memories around it and the escape that Doctor Who gave that person. You on Target demonstrates that Doctor Who is a show which creates bonds, relationships and community – that’s why it is so special. A very good read.

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