Book Review. Mutually Assured Domination by Nick Walters .

‘Project M! Project MAD! Project M- A- D! Mutually Assured Domination!’

The Dominators are back!

And so is Harold Chorley, the irritating journalist from the television Doctor Who story The Web of Fear. A large part of MAD is narrated by Chorley, as he visits Dominex Industries’ factory to investigate the strange goings on there. ‘He was a narcissist, and he knew it – so what, so be it, there are much worse character defects.’  He goes from irritating to loathsome.


With a sign like that, no wonder so many are trying to get into the factory. Although we are to discover their security is very efficient.

‘Chorley watched as the robots marched out of the complex. The two girls, Daisy and Denise, were dancing directly in the path of the advancing robots, laughing and throwing clumps of Earth at them.’

It was a glorious summer day and Lethbridge-Stewart sat in his office in his shirt-sleeves, wishing he had the chance to get out of the barracks and enjoy the weather. No chance of that – far too much to do.

‘I’ve got to warn you, watch out for Smackhead Rock.’ And with that warning, ‘A big lump of black limestone, jutting down from the ceiling’ you just know one of the three men are going to be seeing stars at some point. Ouch.

The Dominex Industry have connections with the Government, and with the Dominators being behind Dominex with a plan to take over the planet, they need to have the brakes put on being detected and so that filters through to Lethbridge-Stewart having very little authority, which results in his arrest and then going on the run and recruiting ex-military men to aid him in saving the world from the Dominators. The ending is well set up, with some good moments, and is a shame it takes Mutually Assured Domination so long to get to that point.

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