Book Review. Moon Blink by Sadie Miller.

‘Actually,’ Patricia continued. ‘I think it might be easier if I show you.’

‘She probably just wants to show us his photograph,’ Bill said logically. ‘I don’t know why you must always think something strange is going on, Anne. I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.’

Patricia stood before them holding a mass of swaddling cloth, a young infant squawking from within the folds.

Or maybe not.

You see it coming but you’re still not expecting Patricia, an old friend of Anne’s, to show up on her doorstep having arrived in the UK from America, having kidnapped a baby who is a part of a race called the Terrae, who are inhabitants of the moon, and are being experimented on. We’ve had Cybermen stomping on the Moon, the idea of the Moon being an egg and now we have the Terrae. ‘They were all fair skinned. I imagine it is part of their evolutionary camouflage.’

I got familiar Delta and the Bannermen vibes.

Naturally, Anne wants to take the baby to the Vault, where she works, to run tests and find out more about the baby. This raises ethical and moral questions with Patricia. Especially as she witnesses in the Vault, a young man is undergoing his own tests, and who the Brigadier has already stumbled on while in Scotland, working on the project that the Brigadier is there to oversee, and under the influence of a substance called Luna Haze, which is something that ties in with the Terrae ‘Still, he could feel the haze working its way into his system, so he didn’t really care. All he knew was that he had to get outside and look up at the Moon.’

Wannabe Journalist Charlie Redfern, who Anne accurately describes herself as ‘a real Chorley in the making.’ meets Selene, who is also a Terrae and she wants his help. Charlie only wants a story.

Moon Blink is written very well and set up well too, the ending almost felt a little rushed, but Moon Blink was a solid story overall.

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