Book Review. Lethbridge-Stewart: A Very Private Haunting by Sharon Bidwell.

For the first time, the Shopkeeper laughed. ‘Well, Edison did refer ta them as his ‘little monsters.

A haunted house. A talking doll. A village populated with residents who are suspicious of outsiders. A Reverend. Gold treasure. Roadkill that doesn’t look like any kind of identifiable animal. Disappearing youngsters. Secrets.

There were many ideas in A Very Private Haunting written by Sharon Bidwell and I enjoyed reading and wanting to find out how the strands of story all come together. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart begins the story, from an encounter with an alien presence in a hospital and then he is on leave, only to get the call from the son of an old friend who needs his help. That takes him to Scotland. Ann Travers travels with the Brig. The friend’s son, Arthur, was a good character and I was able to empathize with him. He has gone to Scotland to check out a house that had been passed down to him, that he doesn’t want to take responsibility for. I think the writer set up his character and his story well. I liked the other characters too, like Duncan and Tomas. I loved that part of the story, where the teenagers Duncan and Scott and Saundra and Aileen, begun to question their parents and what part they might have had in their friend Tomas’s disappearance, and how that follows a pattern. I was not expecting what happened in the end to Tomas. We got his perspective and I thought he would be fine.

A Very Private Haunting was creepy and gripping. The first-hand perspectives did swing from one character to another, which worked I think with the narration of the story as a whole. It was great too, to be back with Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT.

‘Believe me. Mr. Campbell, I have dealt with far worse things than any angry father. We’re not leaving here until you explain your son’s whereabouts.’

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A Very Private Haunting sees Arthur Penrose finally take ownership of a Scottish manor house thats been in his family for generations. There are many secrets in the house, but what connects them to the mysterious shadow creatures that Lethbridge-Stewart and his men are investigating? 

A brand-new adventure featuring Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart in the classic era of Doctor Who, based on concepts created by Mervyn Haisman, Henry Lincoln and Marc Platt.

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