And I Feel Compelled To Write

write, yes
on paper!
i haven’t a stable means – 
pen, pencil, my own blood 

i am technology weary 
i have shut down my device 
i am a purse snapped shut
i want to look 
look, count what few pennies ...

around me, look!
you have read many books 
what of the physical copies 
take one down from the shelf

the cover, the pages brush my thumb 
hold them open and smell their perfume 
bring out the coffee, i say!
ask the characters for their coats, 
stretch your legs, do 

printed and bound many years ago 
dust them down 
let them cough the age from their lungs 


now do you feel less lonely
can you not feel them all around -? 
with a story 
listen to them 
tell you.

Kate © 

Published Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine

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