Book Review. The Silurian Gift by Mike Tucker.

I really, really liked The Silurian Gift. I got a good feeling from this story. The Doctor has ditched Amy and Rory, temporarily, for Lizzie Davies, who attaches herself to the Doctor because she needs to be at the refinery to do some tampering on behalf of Wholeweal, and lies to get on the helicopter that will  take them to the refinery, where Fire Ice is going to be putting more petrol into people’s cars, and make Rick Pelham very rich. The environmental message is done very well. While including the Silurians, Myrkas and Sea-Devils, who aren’t exactly the villains here. In general, the Silurians and Sea-Devils want to take back control of Earth, the planet they consider theirs, but every time the Doctor appears, they come back out of hibernation only to head back in and try again later.

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