Book Review. 337 by M. Jonathan Lee.

In 337 we read about a dysfunctional family, the relationships between grand-parents, parents, and brothers, and the domestic abuse that occurs. We discover there has been an estrangement, that something has taken place – mum has disappeared, and dad is suspected. You get a sense of foreboding in the opening chapters.

In the present day, one of those brothers, Sam, is trying to bridge the gap. He has set out to find answers from his dying grand-mother. I love M. Jonathan Lee’s thoughtful, and getting under the skin writing style. I think the middle part of 337 was drawn out too long, as the beginning and end of the story were very good. Even if the last page had me with a whaattt response. Sam remaining in the same house, with the memories of his mum so clear to be almost real, was tragic to think about. The rest of the family had moved away, perhaps not moving on, but Sam stays, hanging onto to hope that his mum will return.

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