Book Review. Destination Unknown by Agatha Christie.

I am not sure if I would classify this as a thriller, it is as slow as a tortoise. The idea of scientists being kidnapped was an intriguing idea. I felt Destination Unknown gave me the same feeling as the television show The Prisoner, from the 1960’s. Jessop ‘his face was not so much thoughtful or abstracted as expressionless. He had the pale complexion that comes from living most of the day in artificial light. This man, you felt, was an indoor man.’  You get a different impression of Jessop when he starts to spring into action, interrupting a woman who is called Hilary and is about to take her own life in a hotel in Casablanca and asking her to assume the identity of a dead woman of the name Olive.

I loved these lines, a great moment of empathy (/s) for not really Olive/Hilary, who has joined the kidnapped scientists, one of those is her not husband/husband Tom Betterton, who it appears is on the edge of a breakdown. ‘I’m sorry, Olive. It must be all pretty fair hell for you. Seeing him go down the hill.’

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